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        Lecture on the constitutional safeguarding of the rights of the trans-gendered in China was successfully held
        The 97th Mingde Legal Culture Forum: The Etiquette and Law Traditions of Chinese Civilization: The Tension of Unity and Changes between Ancient and Modern Times
        The Round Table Seminar on Forensic Science and Prevention of Miscarriages of Justice was successfully held
        “The role of academic journal in pushing forward the research on human rights in new era” seminar was successfully held
        The symposium on "Reform and Opening up and Corporate Rule of Law" was successfully held
        NEWS & EVENTS  
        Dean of Chulalongkorn University Law School visited Renmin Law School
        Professor Vincent Rougeau, Dean of the Boston College of Law, visited RUC Law School
        VIEW POINTS  
        Cheng Lei: Legal Control of Big Data Analytics in Investigations [2019/3/5]
        Tian Hongjie: Empirical Study on the Cases of Malicious Overdraft Credit Card Fraud [2018/12/30]
        Xu Shanghao: Let Individuals Return to the Family [2018/12/28]
        Wang Yi: On the Multiple Contexts of “Shall” in Property Law of China [2018/12/17]
        Harald Hau:Does Fin Tech Credit Boost Entrepreneurial Growth in China?[March 13]
        Sleeping, awakening or collusion? ——An Empirical Study on the Voting Rights of Shareholders' Meeting of A-share Listed Companies [Dec. 28]
        HE Qisheng: The game and trend of international rules of e-commerce [Dec. 27]
        Law School's Undergraduate Innovative Talents Completion Report [Dec.26]
        Hu Tianlong: The Politics of the Drive Against Corruption [2016/12/13]
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